Hoot’s Musings

Well, I have seen everything now! This morning, I saw where a poster on a Razorback “chat” board blamed Christians for the demise of Razorback football. If not for our morals in the Bible Belt, Bobby Petrino would still be the coach; and we would still be winning 10 or 11 games a year. Obviously, I think that is wrong on several levels, but it does raise several questions. The main one being, what is most important to me?

 Now, let me say first, I have been an Arkansas Razorback fan for a long, long time. In fact, the very first Razorback football game I ever attended was the Saturday (11-23-63) after President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. Arkansas beat Texas Tech that day, 27-20.

 With that being said, most Razorback fans have not felt good about the team, and the outlook for the rest of the season — since last Saturday, and Auburn putting that beatdown on us. The range of emotions, and the anger and blame has flamed in all directions. Many are acting like they have been personally betrayed by such an embarrassing loss. It also seems that everyone knows what needs to be done to keep it from happening again — from benching certain players, to firing one or more coaches.

 This morning, as I was reading, this verse jumped out at me:

 “I am always overwhelmed

with a desire for your regulations.”

(Psalm 119:20, NLT)

 My mind started racing: do I desire God’s Word as much as I desire a piece of pecan pie, or for the Cubs (sorry, Brenda K.) to win the World Series, or for Arkansas to be the SEC West champions? Now, before you answer that, think about what you said and did, during and after the ball game Saturday. Then, ask yourself what is most important to me?

 I am an Arkansas Razorback fan. I always will be. I pay $10.00 a month to keep up with who are the latest recruits. I want them to win the Alabama state championship (beat Auburn and Alabama in the same year). I will start every year believing that this is the year that we do that! But my self-worth and self-esteem is not determined by my team winning or losing. I will not forget my Christianity, because a play or a game does not go the way that I want. I will always desire to know God better through His Word, than I desire the success of my team.

 What I want for my life is to be overwhelmed by desire for God and His Word. Peace.

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