Hoot’s Musings

This year I have made it a practice to read and pray the Psalms through every month. I have friends that have been doing it for 15-20 years, and a New York City pastor, Tim Keller, has been doing for it over 20 years.

 The pattern that I use works like this — my ESV journalling Bible (single column, wide margin) has 131 pages. I divided the book into 26 readings of about 5 pages each. Doing it that way gives me a little flexibility, to not read on Sundays, or if I miss a day. I have 6 different translations (ESV, NRSV, NIV, CSB, NLT, and NKJV) that have the single column, wide margin format — at the end of the year, I will have read each one twice.

A few have asked about my reading schedule, so I decided to share it here.

 Psalms 1-8

Psalms 9-16

Psalms 17-20

Psalms 21-26

Psalms 27-32

Psalms 33-36

Psalms 37-41

Psalms 42-48

Psalms 49-54

Psalms 55-60

Psalms 61-67

Psalms 68-72

Psalms 73-77

Psalms 78-81

Psalms 82-86

Psalms 87-89

Psalms 90-96

Psalms 97-103

Psalms 104-106

Psalms 107-111

Psalms 112-118

Psalm 119

Psalms 120-132

Psalms 133-139

Psalms 140-145

Psalms 146-150

 It is my conviction, that if you undertake this reading schedule, you will blessed by it.


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