Hoot’s Musings

When you stop and watch, there are people that have some really strange eating habits. From the way they eat, to what they put on their food, to what they eat, etc. I am sure that your minds are already racing, surely, he’s not talking about the way that I eat. Because the way we eat is not strange to us! The way that we eat is normal, it is other people that have strange habits.

Malia and I went on a cruise, with her family, in 2006, and one of the perks of the cruise was the dining experience. You could go to the dining room at meal time, and order ANYTHING on the menu — and if you didn’t like it, you could send it back and get something else (because it all was part of the package you bought). Well, I want you to know, that I ate a lot of foods that I would not have even tried, if I knew that I was being charged extra for them. I don’t remember sending anything back, or not eating something that was on the plate. Obviously, there were some things that I liked more than others.

 There was a passage in my reading that made me think of all these things. The psalmist says:

 “Taste and see the Lord is good. …”

(Psalm 34:8, NLT)

 The psalmist is telling us that we will never know how good God is, until we experience it for ourselves. Until we can know the safety, peace, protection, love, forgiveness, joy, satisfaction, … that God can give us, we will not know how fulfilling it is. Just like those foods on that cruise, that I would have never known I liked — because I had never tried them, we have to experience God for ourselves.

 I know that there are going to be some that read this, and your reaction will be “I tried religion, and it was anything but good.” It may be the people that surrounded you made the experience bad; it may have been the practice of the system of religion that it made it bad; OR, it may be that your definition of “good” is not the same as the Lord’s!

 Let me encourage you to keep seeking, keep searching; and not let people, systems, or feelings keep you from your pursuit of God. We seek God, and all that He has to offer. We seek God through His Word, and people that we can fellowship with, and will assist us in our seeking. Our faith is in God, and that faith is built through His Word, and it must be OUR faith.

 If you are not close to God, it is my prayer that you will keep seeking and searching.


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