Hoot’s Musings

In just a few hours, most all of us will gather around a table that “sags” from the weight of the food on it. Then, as my friend, Rocky Lindsey (a vet from Warren, AR) said, we will “…pray before a meal and thank God for the sin we are about to commit.” I personally thank that was cruel, but, all too often, true. I don’t know why it is that overeating has become commonplace on this day. I understand that we are celebrating the bounty of the harvest that we have had for this year, and how good crops have been (original intention, I think). BUT, we always have more food than we can possibly eat (even though a lot of us try), and I wonder how much of it will spoil and be thrown away.

I am thankful that we have a day called “Thanksgiving.” A day when we are supposed to stop and consider what all we have to be thankful for, although I think that has been lost in all of the eating and shopping. I am thankful that there is a day when families get together and enjoy being together (I hope). When we will be thankful for the new additions to the family, and be thankful for the influence that the ones that are missing had. Thankful to live in the country we do, and all the privileges that come with that. We really are a blessed people.

Last night, in his devotional, Gary Mendenhall reminded us of what we needed to most thankful for — and in my reading this morning, there was a passage that brought the point home again. Listen to the psalmist:

“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness,

Let the whole world know what he has done.

Sing to him; yes, sing his praises.

Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds.

Exult in his holy name;

rejoice, you who worship the Lord.”

(Psalm 105:1-3, NLT)

This morning, I want you to know that I hope that you have a great and joyful Thanksgiving. That you have had a great year, and that there is a bounty that you can all share in a wonderful meal. It is my prayer that your family will be together, and that the joy of being together will fill the spirit of every individual.

But most of all, I hope that you are thankful for a God that created you, loves you, and extends mercy and grace to you. It is my prayer that you will sing His praises, and tell everyone of His wonderful deeds. As the psalmist has said, “Let all that I am praise the Lord.”


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