Can We Agree to Disagree? by Erik Tryggestad

By Erik Tryggestad

‘I read the Chronicle, but I don’t always like what I read,” a brother in Christ once told me during a visit to Nashville, Tenn.

“Brother, that makes two of us,” I replied.

It’s true. I don’t agree with every person we quote in these pages. Frankly, the ideas expressed here bother me sometimes. They bother me enough to make me think, to dust off my Bible and prayerfully ponder what it says, to ask for God’s wisdom and discernment.

We try our best to remain true to the vision of our founder, Olan Hicks, who wrote 74 years ago that The Christian Chronicle “is to be built on character. It means to stand for right and truth, for fairness and impartiality, for zeal according to knowledge. It is a newspaper and is to be conducted on the principles of news reporting.”

As we report, we strive to inform, not to endorse. It saddens me when a reader angrily declares they are withdrawing support from us because we gave ink to a person or an idea they consider doctrinally unsound or because of a viewpoint that made them uncomfortable.

Truth is, I hear far more praise than criticism for what we do. The No. 1 compliment we get is that we merely report without condemning, without telling our readers what to think.

My favorite readers are the ones who tell me, “I didn’t agree with that story, but I thank you for telling it.”

That’s what keeps me going.


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