Coping with Problems: 24. Remaining Current (Part 1)

When problems and difficult issues arise in our lives, we need to strive for a resolution to the conflict to occur as soon as possible. When we handle conflicts in an appropriate and timely manner, we can seek to right wrong situations and move forward in our Christian walk. In this lesson Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl discuss the importance of remaining current when difficult situations come up in our lives

Length: 38:53

Coping with Problems: 23. Fellowship

God’s word provides exactly what we need to overcome our struggles and through the Christian’s that make up the church, we can reach out to encourage and help each other along. The church is the ideal place to find help and solutions for our problems because Christ’s church is the perfect place for imperfect people. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl discuss the importance of fellowship among Christians.

Length: 37:55

Coping with Problems: 21. Forgiveness (Part 2)

If we are obedient to God and humble ourselves to His will, He is faithful to forgive each and everyone one of our sins. After we have become Christians, we must continue to live a faithful life according to His word. Through Jesus’ blood, we have a continual forgiveness of sin. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl conclude discussion on forgiveness.

Length: 37:35

Coping with Problems: 19. Change (Part 3) / Forgiveness (Part 1)

Even when people have taken the necessary steps to receive the forgiveness of sins, often times,they have a difficult time forgiving themselves for past actions. Other times, people may not take Jesus’ sacrifice seriously enough and feel that they are forgiven no matter what they do. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they talk about this important topic of forgiveness.

Length: 38:12

Coping with Problems: 18. Change (Part 2)

When we, like David, realize that we have sinned, we should have godly sorrow for our deed. This sorrow should lead us to repent and make the necessary changes to our lives. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl take an in-depth look at this topic and discuss how we can make these changes.

Length: 37:41