Church of Christ Resource Sites

Herald of Truth –


The Christian Chronicle –


Gospel Broadcasting Network –


The Gospel Advocate – | Home | Home

Truth for Today provides bible study lessons to aid your search for truth and understanding of the Bible and tea…



Online Academy of Biblical Studies

Four year Bible curriculum of online Bible studies in real time audio and also archived for viewing at any time. There is also a large archive of debates, gospel meetings, and lectureships which may be viewed at any time. This site is a treasure trove of materials to help any who desire to study God’s word.

Christian Courier

An excellent source for Bible articles on numerous topics. Edited by Wayne Jackson.


An Email list edited by David Lemmons. It is designed to provide information about faithful evangelistic efforts among churches of Christ and provide Bible study articles that will be worth filing.

Computer Study Bible

Free Bible study software. Has excellent capabilities and many features that will aid any in their Bible studies

Searching For Truth

You may view the 6 lesson series online. Lessons are: The Truth, About the Creator, About Authority, About the Church, About the House of God and About Baptism. This series is produced and distributed by World Video Bible School.

Truth For the World

Tracts, Bible studies available online



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