Coping with Problems: 10. Success (Part 2)

When we meditate and ponder on Scripture and then apply its message to our life and actions, the life we live will glorify God. While this doesn’t ensure a trouble-free life, we can know that our success of overcoming sin will have an eternal reward. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl present a lesson to encourage us to know God’s word and to meditate on His precepts.

Length: 37:51

Coping with Problems: 9. Success (Part 1)

When we have overcome our struggles, how can we ensure ourselves against repeating destructive behaviors and falling back into sin? According to the Scriptures, the key to a successful, godly life is meditating on the word of God. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they take an in-depth look at this topic of spiritual success.

Length: 37:31

Coping with Problems: 8. Solutions

Being the inspired word of God, the Bible can help us better understand the mind and the will of God. It is also a source book for seeking solutions to life’s challenges. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they present an in-depth Biblical lesson on how God’s word is the solution to our problems.

Length: 38:18

Coping with Problems – Faith Part 3

Coping with Problems: 7. Faith (Part 3) / Solutions

Each day, we have faith that the sun will rise. When it comes to spiritual matters, do we trust God just as deeply, especially in times of trials? Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl in this lesson as they look at Biblical examples of faith discuss how we can maintain a strong confidence in God.

Length: 38:00

Coping with Problems – Faith Part 2

Coping with Problems: 6. Faith (Part 2)

God is the perfect counselor. He understands us completely and has the solutions to living a happy life. When people do not have faith in Him and reject His counsel, they are forfeiting the hope that God offers. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl discuss how we should trust God in every aspect of our lives and not look to worldly wisdom.

Length: 38:07

Coping with Problems – Faith Part 1

Coping with Problems: 5. Faith (Part 1)

When people are faced with trouble and their lives become unmanageable, they begin looking for help. As Christians, we can turn to the Scriptures for comfort and it’s in these times especially, that our faith in God and His word can grow. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they present a lesson on faith and how we can grow more dependent on God through our times of troubles.

Length: 38:01

Coping with Problems – The Problem Part 2

Coping with Problems: 4. The Problem (Part 2)

Through His word, the Bible, God has given the world His expectations and commandments to live by. When we choose to stray from His word and not follow Him, we forfeit the hope and comfort God that provides. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl present the message of clarity and hope that God’s word offers to our lives.

Length: 37:44

Coping with Problems – the Problem Part 1

Coping with Problems: 3. The Problem (Part 1)

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. Sin causes us to fail and not live up to the purpose for which we were created by God. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl speak on how to fully trust in God and strive to be Christ-like.

Length: 38:08

Coping with Problems – Purpose



Coping with Problems: 2. Purpose (Part 2)

When we understand that our main purpose is to magnify and glorify God, our lives begin to get a better perspective on what is truly important and the weight of life’s trials takes on a lesser role. Through a deep and meaningful relationship with God and His word, a person can be prepared to tackle and cope with life’s hardships. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they present practical advice from God’s word on how to deal with life’s problems.

Length: 39:04

Coping with Problems Introduction

Coping with Problems: 1. Introduction / Purpose (Part 1)

As human beings, we will face trials and problems of various kinds and various scales throughout our lives. Knowing how to cope and deal with these issues in a godly manner can make all the difference in the success of overcoming life’s hardships. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as present this introductory lesson on practical ways that Christians can lean on God and conquer life’s ups and downs.

Length: 39:05