“Introduction About Truth” is part 1 of a 6 part study in Searching For Truth

Truth is a most precious thing.

In our world, everyone is searching for something. If you are searching for answers to questions regarding God, Jesus, hope, happiness, faith, life after death, good and evil, the church, the Bible, God’s plan for you, or Jesus’ love for you, the answers to these can be found in this series of programs.

Please view the first program which is 15-minutes in length, then you will be able to decide whether to watch the additional 5 programs that are designed to help you find the answers to these questions.

Did you know that on the average, 107 people die every minute? That’s a staggering number. As much as we might like to go on living, all of us will face death. But what happens to us when we die? Does life after death exist? If so, what kind of life? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? And if so, what will happen to you when you die? More important, will it matter what you believed or how you lived in this life?


“Introduction About Truth” is part 1 of a 6 part study in Searching For Truth.

We will be posting new parts 1 to 2 times per week in this blog. View all of the study at http://www.SearchingForTruth.org

Steve Ridgell to Present “Can I Tell You a Story”

Our church family will be blessed by the preaching/storytelling of Steve Ridgell both on Saturday, October 29th, and Sunday, October 30th.  Steve is an elder of the Southern Hills church in Abilene, Texas.  He works with the Herald of Truth in their Hope for Life ministry.  Steve is the author of the book “Can I Tell You a Story.”  The focus of his weekend with us is the message of this book.  He is going to talk to us about the need for evangelism and the “how” to do it.

Saturday – October 29th – 8:30AM to 11:45AM

Sunday – October 30th – 9:30AM to Noon