Alleged Contradictions Pertaining to Salvation

Is the Bible vague concerning how a person can go to heaven? Skeptics of the Bible claim that the Bible writers contradicted each other concerning salvation. Can a person know exactly what to do in order to be pleasing and obedient to God? Join Eric Lyons as he answers these questions, and proves the consistency and reliability of the Bible concerning salvation.



Length: 33:31

Alleged Chronological Contradictions

Many Bible skeptics claim that the Bible is not reliable because of alleged contradictions in the chronology of events. Did some of the Bible writers make mistakes in their recorded occurrences? In this lesson, Eric Lyons looks at some of the alleged chronological discrepancies and shows that the Word of God is reliable and the Bible writers were accurate in their accounts.



Length: 30:03

The Reliability of Jesus

Bible skeptics have tried to discount the reliability of the Gospel’s account of Jesus and have tried to undermine His teachings. Some have even claimed that Jesus was a thief and a liar. Are these claims true? In this lesson, Eric Lyons will discuss the reliability of Jesus according to the Bible.



Length: 31:42

The Reliability of the Creation Account

One of the most criticized parts of Scripture is the Genesis account of creation. Can it be shown that God created the Universe in six days? Or, is the creation account just a made up story? Join Eric Lyons as he delves into the Scriptures to show the accuracy and reliability of the creation account.



Length: 32:39

Interpretation Principles Part 2 of 2

One of the reasons that many people believe that the Bible has contradictions is because they don’t really know what a contradiction is. The law of contradiction states: “Nothing can both be and not be.” In the second part of “Interpretation Principles”, Eric Lyons discusses how the careful Bible student can apply the principles in their Bible study to get an accurate view of the Bible.


Length: 32:31

Why a Reliable Bible Matters


Many people reject God’s Word because they claim that the Bible writers made a number of errors. Could we have a book from God that contains one or more mistakes and errors? How does this affect one’s faith in God? Join Eric Lyons as he examines this topic about why the reliability of the Bible matters.



 Length: 32:27 

Is the Bible Reliable? – Is the Bible from God?

Published on Nov 28, 2016
Is the Bible filled with discrepancies and errors? Are there legitimate contradictions in the Bible? Is the Bible truly the inerrant word of God? In this lesson, Eric Lyons gives some examples of alleged Bible contradictions and presents in-depth, Bible-based answers clearly showing the Bible is without mistakes and thus from God.