Coping with Problems: 10. Success (Part 2)

When we meditate and ponder on Scripture and then apply its message to our life and actions, the life we live will glorify God. While this doesn’t ensure a trouble-free life, we can know that our success of overcoming sin will have an eternal reward. In this lesson, Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl present a lesson to encourage us to know God’s word and to meditate on His precepts.

Length: 37:51

Coping with Problems: 9. Success (Part 1)

When we have overcome our struggles, how can we ensure ourselves against repeating destructive behaviors and falling back into sin? According to the Scriptures, the key to a successful, godly life is meditating on the word of God. Join Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl as they take an in-depth look at this topic of spiritual success.

Length: 37:31