A Servant’s Dream by Andrea Young

by Andrea Young

A Servant’s Dream

Written on September 11, 2017

At twenty-seven-years-old, Alfredos Sayelo was wicked, drunk, and near death when he recalled his boyhood desire to serve God. When he awoke from his stupor, he hungered for the Word of the Lord.

He visited countless denominational churches and Bible schools in Namibia desperate to learn the Scripture. They shunned him because he did not have a high-school certificate or money. One day a teacher from “The Church of the Living God” came to Alfredos while he was reading the Bible.The man asked him if he understood what he was reading and when he said, “No,” the man explained it to him. Following the lesson the teacher boasted about his “Evangelist” credential. This discouraged Alfredos because he wanted to learn the Bible and teach others like that man was; he thought he wouldn’t have the chance.

Not long after, Alfredos was searching Google when a World Bible School advertisement appeared. He registered and was accepted. Then, Mary McKinney, a beloved sister of the Lord, adopted him and guided him into the knowledge of the truth.

Mary saw he had a soft heart, and continually encouraged Alfredos with advice on how to overcome the problems in his life. The more he learned and studied, the more he changed. One day, Alfredos learned how to be forgiven. Guilt washed over him because he still had sin in his life. He then repented and was ready to be baptized.

Mary sought a person to immerse him and God sent a minister named Lukas Kamono to baptize him at the Kehmu church of Christ near Rundu, Namibia on April 2, 2017. Alfredos now continues his Bible study with Mary through World English Institute. She is happy that God allows her to help Alfredos and is thankful that he is a young man who has a “noble and good heart” (Luke 8:15). She praises God for the increase to His kingdom and is looking forward to meeting Alfredos in heaven one day.

Now as a Christian, Alfredos is grateful that God answered his prayers and directed him to WBS. He now has peace and the strength to overcome sin. He says,

I will always feed myself with His Word, and I will be ready to teach others about Him. My dream to be a servant of God has been fulfilled.

Let us faithfully serve the Lord like our brother and sister in Christ.



High Demand for New WBS Study Edition Bible

by Kevin Rhodes

High Demand for New WBS Study Edition Bible

Written on April 3, 2017

“We’re so impressed with the new WBS Bible!”

That’s the kind of repeated response we’re getting since we recently released the all-new WBS Study Edition Bible (English Standard Version). The Bible is the culmination of two years of planning and content creation that supplements the 2016 text edition of the English Standard Version (ESV) published by Crossway.

The WBS Study Edition Bible serves multiple functions. First, it is an attractive, durable, inexpensive Bible available for purchase as pew Bibles and gifts for seekers, youth, new Christians, family, friends and personal use. Second, it is a Bible that some 8,000 everyday Christians who are WBS Study Helpers can provide as gifts for proven WBS students. Third, it is part of WBS’ Free Bible Incentive Program wherein a donor’s gift of merely $5 connects a WBS student with a WBS Study Helper and provides the Bible for no cost to the student. Finally, the Bible includes Study Helps that encourage readers to continue personal study, including with WBS’ Bible lessons.

According to WBS’ President, John Reese, “This Bible evidently fills an important need among churches of Christ. Christians can be confident that the Helps in the Study Edition faithfully represent the principles and practices of New Testament Christianity—including biblical faith, baptism and unity. The ESV is also an excellent literal translation in modern English.”

John noted that sales of the Bible are approaching 13,000 after only two full months. “And we are fulfilling a special order of 20,000 by an international evangelistic ministry. Not only have we accelerated our print schedule [from 2018], we have tripled our original quantity.”

The WBS Study Edition Bible provides a whole lot for little cost. A Bible sells for only $5 each (plus shipping) and for as low as $3.50 for volume orders. To purchase a Bible, go to www.worldbibleschool.net/bible. To learn more about the Free Bible Incentive Program for your WBS students, go to www.worldbibleschool.net/incentive.



Support for World Bible School

Source:  www.worldbibleschool.org


by Patrick Brown

Don’t Forget to Smile

Written on November 28, 2016

The holiday season is upon us. If only there were a convenient way to support evangelism while shopping.

Fortunately there is such a thing! When you buy something from Amazon.com – a website where you can buy all kinds of stuff – they will donate money to World Bible School. The program is called AmazonSmile. It’s a simple and automatic way for you to support WBS every time you shop, at no cost to you.


To start supporting WBS right away, you need to do these 2 things:

  1. Go to smile.amazon.com/ch/74-2254797 and log in to your Amazon account, if you aren’t already. World Bible School will automatically be selected as your AmazonSmile charitable organization.
  2. Purchase everything through smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com. This way, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your purchases to World Bible School. When hundreds of people start doing this, it can really add up.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon. Same products, same prices, same service. You can use your same Amazon account you’ve always used, or create a new one.

Simply by shopping at smile.amazon.com, you can help share Jesus with the world through World Bible School.

Pro Tip:
If you want to make sure you never forget to do your shopping at smile.amazon.com, you can download and install Smile Always for Google Chrome or Smile Redirect for Firefox. This ensures when you visit amazon.com, you will always be purchasing through smile.amazon.com.

Smile Always: chrome.google.com
Smile Redirect: addons.mozilla.org

Free Indeed!

Source:  www.worldbibleschool.org


by Laura Metz

Written on November 4, 2016


Every Sunday morning, Moses Ogar preaches for the church of Christ in Obudu, Nigeria. Then, as soon as lunch is over, he travels alone to the Obudu Prison, and does it again. On weekdays, Moses hand delivers WBS postal lessons from teachers in the U.S. and studies one on one with those who are ready. Only now, he doesn’t go alone. Godwin is with him every step of the way.

Last year, Godwin’s life was very different. Instead of travelling about, helping Moses in his ministry, Godwin stayed where he was, behind bars at the Obudu Prison, and waited for Moses to minister to him. On September 15, he was baptized. Three months later, he was released. No parent, spouse or friend greeted him at the gate. Instead, his new brother in the faith, Moses, was there to meet him.

Since then, Moses has opened his home to Godwin. Together, they minister, and together they look for a job for Godwin. If Godwin returns to his former home, he will return to a life full of the temptations which sent him to prison in the first place. They both request your prayers that Godwin may find a new home, a new job, and a new family in the church.

Update: After two months at Moses’s side, Godwin found a new job. God is faithful!

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Preach the Good News


by Laura Metz

Source:  www.worldbibleschool.org

Written on October 25, 2016


Jembere lives in Gimbi, Ethiopia. His study helper, Linda Haught lives in Stark City, Missouri. For the last two years, the postal service has carried WBS lessons back and forth between the two of them. One way, the trip is nearly 8000 miles, as the completely exhausted crow flies.

Despite the distance, their Bible study went great. So great that in January, Jembere told Linda he needed to be baptized. Jembere’s request led to a flurry of emails between Linda and WBS, until Moges Wolde of Addis Abba, Ethiopia, eagerly agreed to proceed with Jembere’s follow up.

Unfortunately, although Moges lives much closer to Jembere than Linda does, he was still nearly 300 miles away. That’s when the phone got involved. With no church in Jembere’s hometown, he phoned Bro. Lemma, in much closer Nekemte, Ethiopia, who promised to meet with Jembere as soon as possible.

Jembere was anxious to be baptized. The very next day, he woke early and travelled nearly 70 miles to meet with Bro. Lemma. He was baptized and they studied together for nearly five hours, before Jembere returned home.


Now Bro. Lemma is making plans to visit Jembere and study with others in his hometown.

How beautiful are the feet – and envelopes, phones, and computers – of those who preach the good news!